Maryland Public Schools by County

Discovered in 1498 by Jean Cabot, explored for the first time in 1603, the territory corresponding to the States Maryland and Delaware was assigned in 1632 by Charles I ER of England to Georges Calvert, Lord Baltimore, then to his son Cecilius.

Maryland was named after Queen Henrietta Maria. Cecilius Calvert, a Catholic, founded in 1633 a colony called WS Mary ‘s on the Delmarva peninsula. There is the principle of religious tolerance and, despite its title of full ownership over the territory, a kind of constitutional regime, with an Assembly, was constituted. The colony was first populated generally by Catholics, but, following the first Revolution of England (1642-1649), numerous Puritains emigrated there. Becoming the dominant force, the latter, led by Virginian William Claiborne, took control of the colony in 1652, which provoked long religious struggles. Lord Baltimore’s right to the colony was restored in 1657 by Oliver Cromwell, protector of England. Following the Second Revolution of England (1688-1689) and the deposition of King Jacques II, Protestants again took over Maryland. This then became a royal colony. But the settlers barely supported English tutelage and Maryland quickly became a home of resistance.

The colony was one of the firsts to declare itself independent in 1776 and participated actively in the War of Independence. Maryland joined the Union on April 28, 1788. Although a slave state, Maryland did not make a secession in 1861 and remained in the union. Public opinion was nevertheless strongly divided between the northern part of the state, industrial and abolitionist, and the south, agricultural and slave-like.

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During the Secession war, the Confederate army invaded the state twice, but South Sudanese Robert E. Lee was removed to the decisive battle of Antietam (17 September 1862). Maryland experienced strong economic growth and massive industrialization during the twentieth century, accompanied by accelerated urbanization. The State today constitutes the southern end of Mégalopolis. He is confronted with urban and racial tensions more and more lives.

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Universities in Maryland

Johns Hopkins University
The private elite university Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore was founded in 1876, making it the first university in the USA. The aim was to combine research and teaching based on the German model. It is named after Johns Hopkins, who left a $ 7 million legacy to found the university when he died in 1873. The university has earned a special reputation in areas such as medicine, health sciences and international politics. Due to the age of the university, its campus has many buildings worth seeing. The university has other locations in Bologna, Singapore and Nanjing. The university currently has approximately 20,000 students.


University of Maryland
The state University of Maryland in the city of College Park was founded in 1858 as an agricultural college. The University of Maryland currently has approximately 25,000 students. The university campus is well worth a visit, with attractions such as McKeldin Mall, Memorial Chapel, Morrill Hall, Arboretum & Botanical Garden, Art Gallery, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center and Tawes Theater.


Public Schools in Maryland by County

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  • Maryland Charles County Public Schools
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  • Maryland Howard County Public Schools
  • Maryland Kent County Public Schools
  • Maryland Montgomery County Public Schools
  • Maryland Prince George’s County Public Schools
  • Maryland Queen Anne’s County Public Schools
  • Maryland Somerset County Public Schools
  • Maryland ST. Mary’s County Public Schools
  • Maryland Talbot County Public Schools
  • Maryland Washington County Public Schools
  • Maryland Wicomico County Public Schools
  • Maryland Worcester County Public Schools