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Pregnant Symptoms - 15 Early Symptoms of Being Pregnant

If you are actively trying to get pregnant, you probably want to know as soon as possible. Maybe even before you can take a pregnancy test. Here we present early symptoms that may reveal that you are pregnant.

To feel any symptom of being pregnant is not simple and most people do not notice it until several days after conception. Some symptoms can be recognized if you know what to look for. Below we have listed a number of pregnancy symptoms that can reveal early on that you are pregnant. However, the most reliable way is always to take a pregnancy test.

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Here are 15 very early pregnancy symptoms

  1. Nausea
  2. Fatigue
  3. discharge
  4. Mood swings
  5. Sensitive sense of smell
  6. Changed taste experience
  7. Bleeding so-called nid bleeding
  8. Changed breasts
  9. minor Aches
  10. need to pee
  11. Constipation
  12. Heartburn
  13. Dizziness
  14. Missed period

Below we describe the pregnancy symptoms in more detail

15 pregnancy symptoms - profound

Maternity TipsNausea - this is a classic pregnancy symptom that many have heard of. Everyone does not feel ill, but if you are affected early it is often the worst in the morning. However, nausea during pregnancy is common, but usually you start to feel sick a little later in pregnancy, around week 6.

Fatigue - early in pregnancy fatigue can be a symptom that may indicate that you are pregnant. The cause is probably an increase in the hormone progesterone. Fatigue during pregnancy is most common during the first ten to twelve weeks.

Removals - already during ovulation, your removals change to facilitate fertilization of the egg. If you become pregnant, you may notice a marked increase in the amount of flow even before a pregnancy test results.

Mood swings - as soon as you get pregnant, the body's composition of hormones changes. For some, this means that you can become more sensitive and easier to cry. For others, it means being easily annoyed and perhaps the partner may notice this more clearly than yourself.

Sensitive sense of smell - if you are pregnant, you may very well be sensitive to different smells and smells early on. This can be for food, perfume or other things that you previously liked, but which you can no longer tolerate.

The taste experience changes - just as you can become more sensitive to different odor impressions, you can already experience an early taste in pregnancy. You may very well lose your appetite for something that you have always loved or be immensely passionate about something that you never really liked. It also happens that you experience a metal taste in your mouth.

Bleeding - when the egg attaches, a little bleeding called nidation bleeding may occur. This bleeding is often less than the usual menstruation, which sometimes causes the symptom to be the menstruation that came earlier than expected.

Changed breasts - already early in a pregnancy, changes in the breasts may show symptoms that you are pregnant. The breasts can be bigger, sore, a little lumpy and get stingy. If you have a light complexion, the blood vessels can also become more visible. The nipples can also change and show symptoms such as darkening, stiffening and tenderness.

Mole pain - that you have pain in the lower abdomen, so called mole pain can be a symptom of being pregnant. It can also mean that your ovulation or your menses are on the way.

Kissing neediness - during early pregnancy, many women feel that they often have to go to the toilet to urinate.

Swollen stomach - behind many of the early pregnancy symptoms are changes in hormone levels in the body. The hormone progesterone is one, which also affects the digestive system and makes the food pass more slowly. Your stomach may swell early, you may become gassy or even constipated.

Heartburn - this is a problem that often affects pregnant a little later in pregnancy. However, it happens that the hormones are already relaxing early on in the body's smooth muscle, which leads to heartburn early in pregnancy.

Dizziness - early in pregnancy, low blood pressure or low blood sugar can make you feel dizzy and sometimes even dizzy. If you have eaten and slept properly then dizziness may very well be an early pregnancy symptom.

Missed menses - this is the most obvious symptom, at least if you have a regular menses. If the period does not come when it is usually used, you are recommended to take a pregnancy test.

Pregnancy test - the most obvious symptom you can have when you are pregnant is a positive pregnancy test. Tests today have a reliability of over 99%. There are tests that can show pregnancy early, already about five days before the estimated period. Pregnancy tests measure the change of hormone in the body.

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