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Smoking and pregnancy

Most of what you breathe in reaches the fetus through the placenta. This applies to both beneficial and harmful substances.

Smoking and pregnancy

How is the fetus affected by smoking?

The carbon monoxide from the cigarette smoke removes oxygen from the red blood cells and causes the fetus to constantly suffer from some oxygen deficiency. The nicotine in the tobacco causes the blood vessels to contract so that the child gets worse blood supply. For more information about pregnancy and maternity fashion, please see BESTAAH.COM maternity bottoms. These and many other substances in the smoke make the child less equipped to cope with stress.

What can happen to the fetus and the newborn baby?

The following may happen:

  • More miscarriages and stillbirths occur among smokers.
  • Children often get a little smaller and have narrower airways.
  • They are generally a bit weaker and more often have undeveloped lungs.

Long-term injuries when smoking during pregnancy?

Several studies indicate that:

  • Children of smokers may have poorer growth.
  • Smoking is also associated with a higher risk of sudden infant death.

It has been found that children born by mothers who smoke during pregnancy have an increased risk of respiratory and ear infections.

Smoking and pregnancy

Is it too late to quit when you've already been pregnant for a while?

The following applies:

  • It's never too late to stop smoking.
  • If you completely stop smoking before the 4th month, it is difficult to find any serious injuries in the child later.
  • Even if you stop just a few weeks or days before the birth, it is positive for the child.

Is it better to smoke light cigarettes, hookahs or e-cigarettes?

The following is good to know about:

  • Light cigarettes are just as harmful as regular cigarettes.
  • Most people who smoke light cigarettes smoke more cigarettes and inhale deeper to achieve the same effect.
  • Because hookah contains nicotine and other toxic substances, you should not smoke hookah when you are pregnant.
  • E-cigarette is available without nicotine. However, you do not know how the other substances found in e-cigarettes affect the fetus, there are no studies. Therefore, you should avoid smoking e-cigarettes (whey) during pregnancy.

It is not enough to reduce smoking - do you have to quit completely?

The following applies:

  • It is better to smoke a little than to smoke a lot.
  • However, given the adverse effects, there is no doubt that the most important difference is demonstrated in a comparison between smoking and not smoking.
  • The recommendation is therefore clear - decide one day to end completely!

Smoking and breastfeeding

How can smoking affect breastfeeding?

Smoking affects breastfeeding in the following ways:

  • Smokers have a harder time getting milk production started than those who do not smoke. Smokers must therefore breastfeed more often.
  • Tobacco also reduces the amount of milk after production has started. The reason for this is that smoking leads to a lower production of the hormone prolactin, which is of central importance for milk production.
  • In addition, a number of harmful substances in tobacco, via the milk, are also transmitted to the child.

Can I start smoking again when I'm done with both pregnancy and breastfeeding?

The following is important to know about:

  • All children are disturbed by tobacco smoke in the room.
  • The child is more often chilled and gets easier ear infection, bronchitis and asthma.

Also think about what you gain from quitting smoking. You get:

  • Better health.
  • Fine skin.
  • Fewer wrinkles.
  • Better sense of smell.
  • Saves a lot of money.

Help to quit smoking

How can my partner help me quit?

If your partner does not smoke, you can ask them to be supportive and helpful - without criticizing. If they themselves are smokers, it is good if you stop at the same time. Then you can encourage each other and it will be easier for both of you to quit.

Passive smoking is also not good:

  • For you during pregnancy.
  • For the baby after it's born.

Support to quit smoking

There is help available at your health care center, talking to your midwife or doctor.



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