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Sex after pregnancy

Depending on how the birth has been, sex after pregnancy can be perceived as both positive and negative. Some may feel increased sex drive, while others may experience problems with dry mucous membranes and decreased sex drive.

Sex after pregnancy

Six after the birth

After childbirth, natural bursts in the vagina or middle yard may need to heal before it is possible to have sex. If the birth has also meant that you have burst, been cut or operated, the body needs time to heal the wound formation. Even the reduced amount of estrogen in the body can cause drier mucous membranes for a period of time.

During breastfeeding, the body's production of estrogen decreases, which can be likened to a temporary preterm climacteric. Prolactin, the hormone that controls milk production, also affects the ovaries and strengthens the condition. Therefore, the mucous membranes can become drier and brittle during the breastfeeding period.

Both body and soul

From a physiological point of view, it is possible to have six four to six weeks after a problem-free delivery.

But also the psychological part and the change it means to become a parent and get a new focus in life, are included. Therefore, it is individual with how long you wait to have sex. For many, it feels good to talk about what you feel so that you can sort out any problems and misunderstandings.

Some may need to start over and find new ways to have sex. If there is a psychological lock, the solution may be to slowly find back to positive feelings of closeness. For more information about pregnancy and maternity fashion, please see BESTAAH.COM maternity cardigans. Then it can be good to start slowly with hugs, kisses, massages and maybe let it stay there in the beginning. By taking it easy, sex and closeness are not perceived as stressful.

The woman can feel very changed in the body and be unsure of herself in the role of mistress. Her body is used as a mother and is constantly needed for the little child's needs. She makes it difficult to switch between roles. Remember that she needs lots of confirmation, that you show that you are proud of her who carried and gave birth to your baby, and that you love her body with her "pregnancy tattoos".

Parents' concerns about the little child's needs and health as well as organ-related or reduced sleep have a significant impact on not having the ability to have sex as before. Just don't forget to talk about it and show each other tenderness and closeness. For "When the energy returns, the desire comes to six"!

Tools available

For those who feel that the desire exists and that it is only the body that says from there are good aids to increase.

Since it is usually the dry mucous membranes that cause problems, lubricants are a good alternative. There are two types of different lubricants, one water-based and one silicone-based. The water-based lubricant has a firmer consistency while the silicone-based sits on longer and is drier. Experiment. If you are very dry and cramped you can also try a prescription estrogen ointment (available at the pharmacy).

Clean the abdomen with oil, eg baby oil or intimate oil. It works well against dry mucous membranes and is protective. Do not use soap and remember that water also dries out.

If you use a condom (to avoid further pregnancy and infections), you should primarily combine with lubricant as oil can destroy the condom material.

Talk to others in the same situation

Sometimes it may feel good to talk to others in the same situation, or to be advised by toddler parents with several children. At the meeting place Netdoktor Barn & amp Pregnancy you can anonymously create your own alias and then participate in discussions.

Book tip: Hot mamas: the art of enjoying sex during and after pregnancy, Lou Paget.


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