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Pregnancy Week 41


In addition to being very tired and tired, you probably feel that family and friends are constantly on you to hear if something is going on. If you think this is a pain, you can have your dad answer the phone or tell yourself that you think it is a pain.

Pregnancy Week 41

The fetus

The child does not put on as much after week 38. Often it is rather the reverse when going over time. Children born after week 42 often lose some weight lately.

If the delivery does not take place after 42 full weeks, it is started at the delivery department. For more information about pregnancy and maternity fashion, please see BESTAAH.COM maternity lingerie. Some of the country's regions start commissioning after 41 full weeks after a Swedish study showed a reduced risk of fetal death when initiated this time. However, it is not yet certain if starting after a full 41 or 42 weeks is preferable. In 2020, the results of a comprehensive analysis of several international studies will hopefully answer the question.


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