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Pregnancy Week 37-40

Pregnancy Week 40

By the end of this week, most have delivered their children.

Go over time

A pregnancy normally lasts for 40 weeks from the first day of the last menstrual period. When you have been pregnant for more than 42 weeks and the date of birth has been set with ultrasound, it is considered that you have gone over time. According to this definition, about 5% of all pregnant women go over time.

Pregnancy Week 37-40

Pregnancy Week 39


Remember that the baby is affected by childbirth the first time you meet. Not only can the head have a strange shape, it is probably covered in blood and maybe sebum. The skin may have dry spots, rashes or discoloration. This varies greatly.

Many test different home remedies to start the delivery. For more information about pregnancy and maternity fashion, please see BESTAAH.COM maternity maxi dresses. Shovel snow, go for long walks, drink laxatives, and more. The richness of the invention is great. All you do with this is that you get tired, get hurt in the back and sit for a long time in the toilet. The child comes when it is ready for it.

The fetus

The baby is now about 50 cm long and weighs 3500 grams.

Pregnancy Week 38


Only 5-10% give birth on the calculated day. Many people experience false pain. They can be both strong and painful, but do not become regular and do not lead to childbirth.

The fetus

The child now uses absolutely every place in the womb. Most of the tallow-like substance that has covered the baby's skin is gone. The amniotic fluid is renewed every three hours.

The child is about 50 cm long and weighs 3 250 grams.

Help during childbirth

Sometimes you choose to help during childbirth to get the baby out faster. There can be many reasons for this, and in most cases the whole thing goes undramatically. If you consider that a normal spontaneous childbirth poses a greater risk to the mother and child than a surgical intervention, you start an "operative childbirth". These can be divided into two types, assisted vaginal delivery and caesarean section.


You should already start to think about what type of contraceptive you should use after delivery. Discuss this with your midwife or a doctor. Even if you have decided to breastfeed, it is not a safe method of prevention.

Pregnancy Week 37


You are probably tired of being pregnant now, but enjoy the last days with baby kicks in your stomach. Many find that they miss the kick when the baby is finally born. Surely not many minutes will pass without the thoughts wandering off towards childbirth. If you are wondering what options for pain relief you have during childbirth, you can read more about this: Pain relief during childbirth.

The fetus

The child can now put on 30 grams a day. If you are expecting a boy, the testicles have migrated into the scrotum. If you get a girl, your labia is fully developed.

The baby is about 46.5 cm long and weighs 3 100 grams.

Premature departure of water

Premature discharge is when the amniotic fluid goes off without any indication that the delivery has started. 6-12% of all pregnant women have no pain for up to an hour after amniotic fluid has passed..


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